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Our Hurst Drain Cleaning Team is Top Notch

Our Hurst Drain Clearing Team Handles Slow Drains and Complete System Back-upsOnce a main line drain has become clogged, it can be quite a chore to clear it out. Most main lines get clogged with a combination of cooking grease and hair or tree roots. These clogs are extremely stubborn and often form well beyond the reach of a standard 25-foot crank style auger. If you have encountered one of these clogs, there are three things that can be tried to remove it:

  • Use a Chemical Drain Cleaner
  • Rent a Power Auger
  • Call a Licensed Professional

Chemical drain cleaners often use a highly caustic combination of acids to eat through the material clogging the drain. They work slowly, if at all, and can result in damage to the lateral line pipe. This is one of the worst ways to clear a drain and our Hurst, TX drain clearing team does not suggest it.

Our Drain Clearing Tech Prefer Power Tools!

The Power Auger is One of Our Hurst Drain Claring Specialists Secret WeaponsA power auger is a far better choice. These augers can reach up to 100 feet down a drain line and use motors to drive the auger head through the clog. Most of these augers are self advancing so there is no need for anyone to hold them. Once they've reached the clog, they simply power through it, grinding away at the clog until it is removed. If a power auger doesn't work, it's time to call in the professionals.

Our Hurst, TX plumbers use only the most effective equipment possible to clear your drains. When you're tired of wasting time on other drain clearing methods, don't hesitate to call in the professionals. Our plumbers have been cleaning drains in Hurst, TX for decades, which means you can always rely on us for quick, effective service.

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