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Is a Greywater System Right For You?

A Hurst Plumbing Contractor Can Help You Decide if a Greywater System Is Right For YouCollecting a reusing greywater is one of the most environmentally friendly things that a home or business owner can do. Our professional Hurst plumbing contractors suggest  greywater systems that collects all of the water from systems in your home, excluding the toilet (this is called black water). This water can come from the shower, dishwasher, sinks, floor drains, rain gutters, etc.

Normally this water would run through your drains into the public wastewater system. In a greywater collection system, the water is passed through a debris collecting filter and then used to irrigate your lawn. By installing a greywater collection system, you can cut your water usage down substantially while still enjoying a lush green lawn.
This is a great option for people who live in an area that is often under watering regulations due to drought. By using a greywater collection system you are preventing about 40 gallons of water from entering the public sewer system each day. This water goes to water you lawn through a subsurface drip irrigation system.

If you are building a new home, a greywater system is rather easy to install and very cost-effective in the long run. Retrofits, on the other hand, can often be impractical due to the expense needed to run all of the piping, although new PEX pipes have brought this cost down significantly. Contact one of our Hurst, TX plumbingcontractors today to learn more about greywater systems and whether or not they are a good solution for you.

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